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12 Must Read Birthday Wishes and Quotes

12 Must Read Birthday Wishes and Quotes
12 Must Read Birthday Wishes and Quotes

Messages we sent for birthday are not just words on paper or text sent via WhatsApp, Viber or iMessage. They are a reflection of our feelings and emotions that we feel about a person who gets our wishes. That’s why we made these 12 must-have birthday wishes and quotes, beautiful birthday quotes for our loved ones. Some of them are funny and some of them are emotional. Here we go!


Must read birthday wishes!


  1. Laugh while you still have all your teeth. Happy birthday!

2. From me, you will get a kiss and from heaven seek health and happiness. Everything else you have at Chinatown.

3. Let this birthday be the one from the dream and get a: one super cool BMW, trip to Paris, no-limit credit card, a mansion in Miami and always to have reasons for celebrations! Happy birthday!

4. Imagine all those things you would want to happen to you, and then imagine that I have wish them for you! Happy birthday crazy!

5. Let your smile be a wall to every obstacle in life. Love in your heart as an eternal flame that will be with you for the rest of your life! I’ll the best from my heart to yours! Happy birthday!

6. ATTENTION! This birthday wish is a way to receive happy thoughts and happiness on this day! And please, have on mind, that you are always on my mind! Happy birthday!


Birthday Wishes and Quotes
Birthday Wishes and Quotes


7. What you have been through with me over the last few years, gives you the right to participate in the Guinness Book of record for the best ever of all time! Happy birthday!

8. One star for the success! The second is for eternal love and the third is for all-time happiness! The fourth one is for health and the fifth is for a never-ending beautiful smile! Your birthday is a five-star holiday! Happy birthday!

9. Live, scream, break stuff and dance! A human is made to lose and win. To be kind and to sin! Spend days and nights as you want because one day you won’t be able to do that! Happy birthday!


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10. For your birthday I wish you an unforgettable party with the obligatory hangover that we will remember, together, all our life! Happy birthday!

11. On this day, I wish you to forget all the bad things that happened to you and get ready for the best and joyful one that is coming to you! Happy birthday!

12. Hey girl! Don’t think you are special today only because it’s your birthday! You are special every day! Happy birthday!



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