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Crazy birthday wishes that make no sense!

Crazy birthday wishes that make no sense!
Crazy Birthday Wishes

From time to time, we somehow manage to read all kind of stuff on the net. We believe that the time is now: We present you crazy birthday wishes that make no absolute sense! Enjoy in laughing while reading this wishes we made for you!


Be there, I’m fed up of perfect people going by giving nothing but seeking everything! Be there, because there is nothing left in our world except friendship! Happy Birthday!

One lightning does not mean anything in the sky in which years, dreams and companionship are engraved, because love comes, comes and goes, and friends last as well as eternity … Happy birthday!

Lots of wishes, too little space, lots of love, and the message is tight. There are a lot of feelings, and words are few, there is too much to care about, but one can still: HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

I wish you: peace of mind, gleam in your eyes, a smile on your face, love in your heart, happiness beside yourself … Make every wish a reality and every attempt be a success. Happy Birthday!

It doesn’t matter what they go through if we fill them with happiness, if there is anything to remember them, let the one you stepped into be remembered … Happy birthday!

Flying angels like birds and the added smile of your face to convey the message on your wings with white that I wish you all the best in life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I wish you: HARDNESS on hard days, SMILE when sadness breaks in, WELCOME when the spirit goes down, BEAUTY to see her eyes, FRIENDSHIP to illuminate being, BELIEVING to be trusted, CONFIDENCE for moments of doubt, BRAVE to meet yourself, PATIENCE LOVE to complete your life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!



Don’t say everything you know, don’t do everything you can, don’t believe everything you hear, don’t give what you have, don’t want everything you don’t have, just the one who loves you. Happy Birthday!

Shut up and create a picture of life in one character. Today is a day of happiness when your heart gets bigger, let your dream come true – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


I don’t want all your wishes fulfilled because you wouldn’t have anything to want. I do not want all your dreams fulfilled because you will have nothing to dream about. I just want you to fulfill that best wishes and best dreams! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!


Joy in my heart, joy in my heart, smile on my face – these are my wishes. May you have nice people near you and make your birthday happy!

It’s your birthday, all the way up to the candles above. It doesn’t matter the number, just that they’re all out of luck. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

May the days of your life be spent happier, all that is beautiful, and miss all the bad … HAPPY BIRTHDAY.


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I wish you lots of nice coincidences because they know it makes a man happy. Live the way you want it and all your wishes are fulfilled … Happy birthday!

Anyone who has not met you, at least one of your smiles has not seen you, misses forever the moments that give someone the strength to live. It’s nice to think of you … HAPPY


In the warmth of the sun, the greatest glow, let your happiness end. Joy and happiness, may they “fill your day, with best wishes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Never cry because you are beautiful! Happy Birthday! WHAT?!


As the days go by, they take difficult steps, and we are not even aware of them … and so in a circle until one moment we realize that, though they are slow to flow, they are only a twinge of eternity and that the only thing that enables them to survive are friends around us. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

To say no more and speak quietly, it’s all about this day – your birthday, so know what I mean about you and that’s the end. Happy Birthday!





These birthday wishes, birthday memes are our original ideas and original writing. Any use, distribution, posting on other websites as your “original” work, even with giving credit to us will be reported to Google as a copyright infringement. 


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