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7 Amazing Birthday Wishes For Sister

7 Amazing Birthday Wishes For Sister
7 Amazing Birthday Wishes For Sister

For all of you who are not great with words we made a few heartbreaking birthday wishes and quotes for sister!  Make your sister’s birthday one of the best by sharing this wishes because we really tried hard to wrote this beautiful birthday wishes for sisters!




  1. Every second in every minute, every minute in every hour and in every hour in every day I want you to be happy. I wish you all the best from all of my heart.


2. On this day a shiny star has fallen right on your heart. Only the greatest shines with that kind of light! I love that you are my sister! Happy birthday!


3. How to put all mu wishes for you in one message? I want you to fulfill all of your wishes and success on every move. Have fun, smile and always be happy. Happy birthday sister!

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4. Today is not a regular day for me and that’s why because is your birthday. Today my little sis celebrate her birthday! Let the joy follow you on every step and to spend your time in happiest way it can be spent! I wish you to touch the stars and really enjoy in your life! Happy birthday my dear sister!


Birthday quotes for sister


5. Please, don’t worry about the age because wrinkles are not right value. If you smile every day, there isn’t number or birthday that will tell you you’re old! Your sister is here to watch your back! Happy birthday my sis!

Birthday Quotes For Sister
Birthday Quotes For Sister

6. For this birthday I wish you: ocean of health, a sea of happiness and love. An entire lake of joy but none a single drop of sadness and pain! Happy birthday my dearest sister!

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7. I wish you that life brings you only nice memories and your heart to stay ever young. Everything that you desire to be your and to let go tears only because of joyful things! Happy birthday!




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