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23 Beautiful Birthday Wishes for a Friend

23 Beautiful Birthday Wishes for a Friend

We all seeking for a perfect birthday wish for a friend and we must admit, here are some of the most beautiful birthday quotes for a friend that we have written.

Love between friends is so strong that can last for a whole life and we are truly trying to hold our friendships for as much as we can. Enjoy in our collection of wishes that we made just for you!





  1. I want happiness to walk with you. I want you to be followed by love so strong like is made of steel.  I want you to be appreciated in life so that you wont have problems. I wish you all the best. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend!


2. I wish you that your most beautiful dream come true, love in your eyes, strenght in your hands, healt in your life and beauty by yourself because you deserve that! Happy birthday my best friend!


3. Happy birthday to my idiot friend! Stay crazy as you are for a long lon time! Your, forever, friend!


4. May life bring you only beautiful things, keep your soul tender and young forever, let everything you desire be yours! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


5. As the Earth moves around the Sun, I wish you so much success and happiness… Happy Birthday!


6. Let life be your most beautiful dream, I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


7. I want you to live away from pain, to have a life of happiness and to find a corner of paradise in this world of hell. Happy Birthday!


8. Let the light shine on your soul this day and fill it with the most wonderful feelings. Happy Birthday!!!




9. Thank you for being here, thank you for this wonderful friendship. Thank you for words that wipe my tears, such a friend is a once in a life time! Happy Birthday!


10. I want your smile to light up your face and love fills your soul! Not only this day but every day, I want you to smile! Happy Birthday!

11. May love be your eternal support, and happiness be a faithful companion. May your life be like a dream, I wish you a happy birthday!


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12. Every second you were happy, every wish was fulfilled! May happiness and health follow you through life, I cannot give you more beautiful wishes! Happy Birthday!


13. I want you to forget all the bad times from the past on this day and get ready for the most beautiful ones waiting for you in the future! Happy Birthday!


14. You are a very special person in my life. I will take this beautiful opportunity, your birthday, to wish you all the best and the best you can wish for.


15. What do you wish for someone you love? I wish you the sun when it’s raining, I want you smile when the tears are flowing, I want you the light when it’s dark and I wish you the best birthday ever!


16. I can’t wish you to be good because you are the very best! I do not want you to be beautiful because you are the most beautiful! I only wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


17. As much as the sun revolves around the earth, I wish you health, success and happiness. Happy Birthday.


Beautiful Birthday Wishes
Beautiful Birthday Wishes


18. To fall in love, but happily and that lasts forever! Happy Birthday!


19. Sometimes days mean nothing to us, we watch them pass by as birds in the sky, but today is just your day and let’s make it best ever! HAPPY BIRTHDAY.


20. May God give you what you don’t have and want, but keep what you have. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!


21. Strive to love in your life, to achieve your goal with all your might, for your every movement to be successful, to take a step and not to let anyone sap you. Happy birthday and all the Best!

22. Don’t hide yourself today and be sad. The years that have gone by will bring you much more beautiful things, and those that come will bring you even more beautiful things. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


23. I want your smile to light up your face and sincere love fills your soul! Not only this one but every day, I want you to smile! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!




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