Home Birthday Wishes 17 adorable wishes for happy birthday!

17 adorable wishes for happy birthday!

17 adorable wishes for happy birthday!
17 adorable wishes for happy birthday

We have wrote 17 adorable wishes for happy birthday. Share the most beautiful birthday wish by sending these to the person celebrating their birthday today. We have truly tried to bring you our thoughts what is best birthday wish to send! Please enjoy and share if you like!


  1. Let the smile on your face be an obstacle to all evil, love in your heart be eternally burning to fulfil all your desires and dreams, wish you someone who genuinely loves you: Happy Birthday!


2. I truly wish you happiness, health, success and much. Happy birthday and all the best to you from my heart!


3. To love and have. To have and share, to fulfil all that you desire! Happy Birthday!


4. Even if you break my heart, in the myriad of smallest pieces, every little piece would continue to knock just for you. – Happy Birthday love!


5. I do not want all your wishes fulfilled, because then you would have nothing to desire. I do not want all your dreams come true, because you will have nothing to dream about. I just wish you the best wishes and only the best dream come true! Happy Birthday darling!


6. Everyone in the world and I, among everyone, have someone valuable and special. A sweetheart, with whom he shares everything and to whom he wishes all the best in life. And you are that special person in my life, and that’s why I want you to experience the hundredth. Happy Birthday!


7. Life is a path to run with a friend who will sometimes, by silence or memory, show us that we are worth as much as we know how to love. Happy Birthday!


8. Happy Birthday! You are now in your best years – when you are mature enough to think every decision wisely, and yet young enough to not despair if you make a mistake!


9. There is no greater wealth than friendship, and I consider myself to be the richest person, and that is because I have you. Happy birthday to you my friend!


10. Don’t ever ask me if I prefer life or you. Because I would have to answer you – life. Then maybe you will turn around and leave and you will not find out that you are my life… Happy birthday my life!


17 adorable wishes for happy birthday


11. Thank you for being here, thank you for this wonderful friendship, thank you for words that wipe my tears, you are one of the kind! Happy Birthday!


12. May God give you what you don’t have and want, and help you keep what you have. Happy Birthday.


13. I wish you to always be followed by happiness, not just for your birthday, but for whole life! – Happy Birthday my dear!


14. Sometimes I wish for life without end, full of your kisses and hugs. And that is why sometimes I quietly pray that we may live forever – so I can love you forever! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


15. It’s nice to know you exist in my life. It doesn’t matter how much, ever since, or why. It’s nice to open your eyes and just know you’re close! Happy Birthday!


16. You are going to be old like this only once! So make good use of each of the next 365 days until your next birthday!


17. ATTENTION! This message conveys happiness and good humor! So, at least for a moment, enjoy the feeling that someone always thinks of you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!




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